What Are The Infinity Stones? – Locations, History & Powers

What are the Infinity Stones? What are there history? Who made the boundlessness stones? Where are they now? We are here to discuss them and speculate about Avengers Infinity War and what Thanos may do with the Infinity Gauntlet. Starting at the present moment, we know where the Tesseract or Space Stone, Time Stone, Realty Stone or Aether, Power Stone, and Mind Stone are found. The Space Stone was on Asgard and is currently with Loki after Thor Ragnarok. The Mind Stone is inside Vision’s temple while the Time Stone is inside the Eye of Agamotto ensured by Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange. The Power Stone is ensured by the Nova Corps on Xandar. At long last, the Collector is in the ownership of the Aether otherwise known as Reality Stone over on Knowhere.

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