Nicki Minaj Hates White Rappers

Nicki Minaj hates white rappers – The other day Nicki Minaj got backlash for some comments that she made about white rappers. ”It’s a great time to be a white rapper in America, huh?” Nicki says on her Instagram caption. On top of the Instagram caption – Nicki attached a photo of the ”Top 10 Rap Songs” on the US iTunes store, and they were all (mostly) white. After the instant negative feedback Nicki Minaj put up another post on her Instagram defending herself – ”I work in the music business. Therefore, I post on new developments in the music industry” she says. Shortly after that she deleted both of her Instagram posts. But the frustration from a lot of people was still left. Some went as far as calling Nicki Minaj a racist because of what she said. That’s what I talk about in this video.

In this video I talk about the recent controversy surrounding Nicki Minaj and her comments about white rapper.

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