Jordan Mailata – Australian Rugby Player 6’8″ – 350lbs, wants to play for the NFL

Australian rugby player 21-year-old Jordan Mailata picking up NFL interest, visiting five teams this week.

He has never played a down of football, Yet that’s not stopping a handful of NFL teams from wanting to draft him.

Mailata, who currently plays in the Australian National Rugby League, is visiting with five NFL teams this week ahead of the NFL Draft later this month. He met with the Washington Redskins on Monday, and will visit the Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns and Los Angeles Chargers throughout the rest of the week.

“I’m quite surprised at how much interest I’ve sparked up in the last couple of months,” Mailata said in an interview with the NFL Network on Monday. “Being from out of the sport and not really knowing much about it, I’m pretty privileged and honored to receive invites to the clubs. Cheerios to them.”

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