Cop Saves Mom & 3 Kids – Police Bodycam Footage

Cop Saves Mom 3 Kids
Cop Saves Mom 3 Kids

Deputy Justin Ferrari of the Volusia County Sheriff rushes in to save the life of a mother and her three young children, during a domestic argument. The father opens fire on his family and the Police, this was all captured on the Deputy’s Police body camera.

The Mother Victoria Rosado’s was shot in the leg by her estranged husband Emmanuel Rosado. Deputy Ferrari was able to get the Mom and the children to safety at a neighbors house.

The Father Emmanuel Rasado shot at police during the standoff and has been charged with three counts of “attempted first degree murder”. The Mother Victoria was airlifted to the hospital and is recovering from her gun shot injuries. According to sources the Police have been called the Rasado home before multiple times before.

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