George R R Martin Interview

Interview with Game of Thrones George Raymond Richard Martin famous novelist and short-story writer in the fantasy, horror, and science fiction genres, screenwriter, and television producer.

American Gods Episode 6 Breakdown

Mad Sweeney and Shadow Moon’s Dead wife, make the best road buddies. Episode 6 was about Vulcan’s back story, Mexican Jesus, Shadow Moon’s Dead wife, Ginger Minge aka Mad Sweeney and Salim-not-Salim.

Does Time Exist at the Same Time

Does Time Exist at the Same Time?

When we think of time we imagine it as a linear process capable of moving forwards and only forwards. In our imagination we can picture it shifting backwards too, but can time move sideways? Can…

All the Alien Movies Timeline Explained

Alien Covenant Timeline Explained! Alien Covenant Connections to Prometheus and Alien Awakening – Xenomorph Origin, Michael Fassbender, Engineers, and Alien Easter Eggs Revealed! Erik Voss breaks down the full Alien movie timeline: Prometheus, Alien Covenant,…