5 Mysteries of Antarctica

Mysteries of Antarctica
Mysteries of Antarctica

Antarctica is a pretty bizarre place; it is home to the coldest region on Earth but it’s also our largest desert.

Until 2012 Antarctica’s Lake Vostok was quarantined from the world for 15million years, thanks to a four kilometre layer of surface ice. If you’re on Google Earth you’re probably using it either to find your own house or track down a bizarre object no-one else has discovered. Another famous Antarctic mystery is the frozen Pyramid, which some people believe to have been constructed by a race of ancient Antarcticans. Was Antarctica once a habitable place where a hidden race of humans existed in previously undiscovered cities? Antarctica was the last large region on Earth to be discovered and settled by human beings, with its first recorded sighting attributed to a Russian expedition in 1820, and the first confirmed landing in 1895.

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